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About Kamchatka Travel Club

We've been organising tours for guests of Kamchatka peninsula since 2008. Along this time we formed a team of real professionals - guides, off-road drivers, etc - we all live in Kamchatka, love its nature and we are happy to show you as much as possible.

We are focused on safety and best services to show our guests the miracles of Kamchatka land.

Kamchatka is unique in its beauty created by nature. We have more than 300 volcanoes, 30 of them are active, among them is the highest volcano of Eurasia - Klyuchevskoy volcano, the famous Valley of the Geysers, bears fishing at Kuril lake, multiple treking routes to beautiful wild places, rafting along mountain rivers, fishing, sea cruises.

“Kamchatka Travel Club” company was created in 2008 by Pavlov Alexander. “About me. I was born in Kamchatka and started travelling here in the age of 12. While studying in Moscow State University during summer holidays I organised some treking routes in Kamchatka for my friends. I also took part in some Kamchatka expeditions, for example 3-weeks ski-tour to the Valley of the Geysers, about 300 kilometers skiing. In 2008 I started working as a travel guide in my own company. Since that time the company has been grown much bigger, now we have many experienced and professional guides, drivers, we keep improving our services from year to year according to our experience and recommendations of our clients. We are sure in our best performance and the high quality of our tours. On the other hand we try to propose competitive prices. My facebook page, my photos on 500px.“

We are based in Kamchatka and we organise many groups mostly for tourists from Russia, you can find them here - kamchatka-tc.ru and even join any of our groups if you speak Russian.

For our foreign guests we propose 4 different programs - "Kamchatka active volcanoes", "Kamchatka discovery", "Kamchatka from the North to the South" and "Bears and volcanoes". The first two are available for individual travellers in mixed groups. The others are available only for groups. We also organise photography trips and workshops.

+7 (929) 456-00-66 (Alexander)
E-mail: kamchatka-tc@yandex.ru

Kamchatka Travel Club

Kamchatka Travel club team in the end of 2016 season.

Kamchatka Travel Club team

Pavlov Alexander

Founder and director, exploring Kamchatka since 2004.

The main idea - best service for reasonable price.

Facebook page.

Photoes on 500px.

Alexey Matakov

Mountain guide, more than 5 years experience in Kamchatka, a guide for ascending Kluchevskoy volcano.

Valentin Kozlihin

Mountain guide, knows much about Kamchatka, its history and nature, working as guide for more then 10 years.

Sergey Safianov

Guide for Nalychevo nature park, more than 5 years experience.

Kamchatka from the North to the South

"North Traveller" KAMAZ

Our comfortable 6-wheeled off-road vehile called "North Traveller"