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Tour info:

Duration 14 days
Pirce 2600 $ per person
Treking 5 days (5 - 12 kilometers)
Vehicle transportation 1200 kilometers
Nights in a hotel 6
Nights in tents 7
Group 8-14 people

Tour program -> Kluchevskoy volcano region, Tolbachik volcano, eruption 2012-2013 region, "Dead Forest", Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes, the Pacific ocean coast, sea cruise, Esso - indigenous Kamchatka village

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Day 1 Arrival to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport, transfer to the hotel in Paratunka - double rooms, natural thermal water swimming pool, rest after long flight, acclimatization.

Day 2 Early in the morning we start a long way to the north of the peninsula, about 500 kilometres to go by car, it takes about 10 hours to reach Kozyrevsk settlement. Here we stay for a night in a very simple but cozy wooden cabins, Russian sauna.
Kamchatka active volcanoes Kamchatka active volcanoes Kamchatka active volcanoes
*These photos with the eruption of Kluchevskoy volcano were taken in 2016, it's being erupting from time to time, but we can't guarantee that you will see the same picture in 2017.

Day 3 Today our target is to reach Kluchevskoy nature park and the region of Tolbachik volcano, it's famouse for eruptions which took place in 1975 and 2012-2013, now this area looks like a great volcanic desert with still hot slag craters and fascinating "Dead forest".

We settle a camp close to Tolbachik volcano in the volcanic desert, altitude of the camp is 1700 meters above the sea level, it could be quite cold and windy, there is the lack of water here. From now and on we live in tents by two.

When the camp is ready we can walk along solid lava flows of 2012-2013 eruption, here lava formed different beautifull shapes, many slag cones around, moon like sceneries.

Day 4 1 hour driving by car and we are in the "Dead Forest" - it was destoyed by ash cloudes in 1975. Then we go up one of the slag cones (300 meters height), the ground is still hot somewhere, great views on the desert and Tolbachik volcano. In the evening we go back to our camp.

Day 5 Tourists in a good physical condition can go to the top of Plosky Tolbachik volcano (3081 meters above the sea level). Wonderfull views and very big crater with steep walls on the top. Ascending taket the whole day, about 18 kilometers to go there and back. Alternate program - not so difficult walks along solid lave fields to new lave caves and slag cones, about 4-6 kilometers to go.
Kamchatka active volcanoes Kamchatka active volcanoes Kamchatka active volcanoes
Day 6 Extra day in case of bad weather.
Day 7 Driving to Esso settlement if Central Kamchatka (5-7 hours to go), accomodation in the hotel with hot thermal water pool.
Day 8 Esso is famouse for local aborigen culture sights, it's a home of the Evens - indigenous Kamchatka people. We attend museum, workshop of gifts and workpieces made of bones, and Even national perfomance.
Day 9 The road back to the hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (about 9 hours).
Day 10 Boat trip to Russkaya bay (8-10 hours). We leave Petropavlovsk sea port early in the morning to observe still sleeping ocean nature, ocean animals and birds. On the way we have good chances to see whales, sea lions and seals. Everybody can try fishing. The shore line here is very spectacular with many nice bays and rocks. On board we have sea food lunch, fish soup and different snacks.
Kamchatka active volcanoes Kamchatka active volcanoes Kamchatka active volcanoes
Day 11 4-5 hours driving and we are on Gorely volcano plateau (about 1000 meters height), here we make tents camp and ascend Gorely volcano (1829 meters), 8 kilometers there and back, 4-6 hours.
Day 12 Treking to the active crater of Mutnovsky volcano, 10 kilometers there and back, 6-7 hours. Inside the crater we can see its steep walls with glacier sliding down to hot boiling fumaroles and small geysers. On the way back we can see wanderfull 80-meters waterfall in Opasny (means "dangerous") canyon. Sleeping in the same tents camp.
Kamchatka active volcanoes Kamchatka active volcanoes Kamchatka active volcanoes
Day 13 Transfer back to the hotel. On the way back we can attend one more beutifull waterfall not far from the road and wild thermal water springs Verhne-Paratunskye.
Day 14 Fish market and gifts shop, then the airport. Goodbye, Kamchatka!

* Those who wants to attend famouse the Valley of the Geysers can stay for one more night and take an optional hilcopter 6-hour excursion.
Kamchatka, phototour Kamchatka, phototour
Kamchatka, phototour

Tour № Dates for 2017 Places left Status
AVK-1 8 - 21 August 10 from 12 available

2600 $ per person

Services included in tour cost:

- all transfers, comfortable mini-vans in town, 6-wheeled vehicles for the off-road;
- accomodation at comfortable hotel rooms with natural thermal water swimming pool;
- English-speaking guide, cooker;
- needed travel equipment rental (kitchen, tents);
- full board (all meals); - visa information and visa registration;
- all permits, and nature park fees.

The tour cost doesn't include airticket to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and optional helicopter excursion to the Valley of the Geysers.

How to pay

We confirm the booking on receipt of the deposit (300 $). Final payment could be made on arrival in cash or by bank transfer due 3 days before departure. Acceptable forms of payment are: direct tranfer to our bank account, Visa/MasterCard.

To take part in summer tours including trekking to nature parks and volcano ascents you'll need the following clothes and equipment:

- trekking boots
- second pair of shoes
- thermal underwear
- waterproof trousers
- gore-tex jacket or another waterproof jacket (preferably with hood)
- raincoat
- polartec jacket
- cap
- sunlight glasses
- warm sockes
- swimming suit

- sleeping bag with "comfort" temperature -5 degrees Celsius or lower
- travelbag
- individual dishes (mug, plate, spoon)
- sunlight protecting cream
- sleeping mat
- flashlight
- trekking poles (not nessesary)
- repellent
- mosquito net
- individual medicines

If you are going to visit Kamchatka in September you need a warmer sleeping bag - "comfort" temerature -5 degrees Celsius or lower, and you also need much warm clothes - at least one more polartec jacket.

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