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Alexander Pavlov

+7 (929) 456-00-66 (Alexander)

Kamchatka active volcanoes

Kamchatka from the North to the South

Bears and volcanoes (Kuril lake)

Travel program: -> rafting along Bystraya river + Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes + Avacha volcano + Pacific ocean coast + Paratunka thermal springs

Fascinating 9-days summer tour to the wild unique Kamchatka nature. The tour includes ascending three most popular Kamchatka volcanoes - Mutnovsky, Gorely and Avachinsky, the valley of Geusers in miniture on the slopes of Mutnovsky volcano, high mountain waterfalls, different volcanic scenaries, very interesting 3-days rafting program with fishing and of course swimming in Kamchatka natural hot thermal springs.

The program doesn't require strong physical conditions, trekking is not difficult, four nights in tents and four nights in a comfortable hotel.

Cost: 37 000 RUB

Duration: 9 days (4 nights in hotel, 4 nights in tents)

The group: 6 - 16 people

Exploring Kamchatka


Travel Club
Dates for the year 2015

Tour number Date Places in the group left Status
EK-3 July 20 - July 28 the group is full
EK-4 July 28 - August 5 the group is full
EK-5 August 16 - August 24 the group is full
EK-6 August 5 - August 13 16 from 16 admission is started
EK-7 August 24 - September 1 14 from 16 admission is started

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Day 1 Arrival at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport, meeting the group and the guide. Excursion to the Pacific Ocean shore - black volcanic sand beach stretches to the horizon, roar of the oceanic surf and exclusive lunch with local seafood - fish and caviar. On the way from the Ocean to the hotel we have a look at Petropavlosk city, one of the city hills reveals nice scenery on Avachinskaya bay, "home" volcanoes and city steets. In the evening we stay in a comfortable cottage with double rooms, supper, shower, natural thermal water swimming pool and everything needed.
Day 2 Driving to the central part of Kamchatka (two hours), first day of rafting along Bystraya river, fishing, watching nice mountain ranges, chances to see Kamchatka brown bear. Staying for a night in tents on the bank of the river, wild places.
Day 3 Second day of rafting.
Day 4 Last day rafting, in the evening transfer back to the hotel.
Day 5 Transfer to Gorely volcano (3-4 hours), short breaks near Viluchinsky waterfall and the path, then ascending Gorely volcano (about 2-3 hours), sleep in tents.
Day 6 Trekking to the active crater of Mutnovsky volcano.
Day 7 Transfer to "Dachnye" hot springs, then back to Petropavlovsk.
Day 8 Ascending the crater of active Avacha volcano, one day trip.
Day 9 Fish market and gifts shop, then the airport. Goodbye, Kamchatka!

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Services inсluded in tour cost:

- all transfers, comfortable mini-vans in town, 4-wheeled vehicles for the off-road;
- accomodation at comfortable hotel rooms with natural thermal water swimming pool;
- guide service;
- needed travel equipment rental;
- insurance.

Not inсluded in tour cost:

- meals in the hotel (breakfast, supper);
- meals in the city (1st day).

The guide meets the group at the airport, provides transfers, accomodation, food and everything needed.

The tour cost doesn't include airticket to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and meals in the hotel (4 nights - breakfast and dinner).

How to pay

You should pay the whole price for the tour after arrival to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Contact phone:
+7 (929) 456-00-66 (Alexander)

Меня давно манила Камчатка своей неизвестностью, но почему я до сих пор на нее не попадала? Был только этот вопрос. Надо лететь! Мое путешествие состоялось в августе 2011-го...

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To take part in summer tours including trekking to nature parks and volcano ascents you'll need the following clothes and equipment:

- trekking boots
- sandals
- thermal underwear
- waterproof trousers
- gore-tex jacket or another waterproof jacket (preferably with hood)
- raincoat
- polartec jacket
- cap
- sunlight glasses
- warm sockes
- swimming suit

- sleeping bag with "comfort" temperature 0 degrees Celsius or lower
- travelbag
- individual dishes (mug, plate, spoon)
- sunkight protecting cream
- sleeping mat
- flashlight
- trekking poles (not nessesary)
- repellent
- mosquito net
- individual medicines

If you are going to visit Kamchatka in September you need a warmer sleeping bag - "comfort" temerature 0 degrees Celsius or lower, and you also need much warm clothes - at least one more polartec jacket.

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