summer active tours


Kamchatka active volcanoes

A complex 2-weeks tour to Kamchatka. Travel program is organised in order to cover as many interesting places as possible, it includes Kluchevskoy nature park, famouse for the highest active volcano and the region of Tolbachik volcano where two unique erruptions took place (in 1975 and in 2012). After that we go to Esso - indigenous Kamchatka village, Mutnovsky and Gorely active volcanoes and take the sea cruise to Russkaya bay - great chance to watch sea animals.

6 nights in a comfortable hotel, 1 night in village cabins and 7 nights in tents. We don't have to carry any backpacks as our special comfortable 6-wheeled vehicle always follows us. This program is the best choise for photographers and for those who wants to see maximum of Kamchatka in a short trip.

Duration: 14 days

Price: 2600 $

Dates for summer 2017

8th of August - 21st of August

Difficulty: medium, treking 5-10 kilometers, 6 nights in a hotel, 7 nights in tents, vehicle transportation - about 1200 kilometers

Kamchatka Discovery

This tour doesn't require special physical shape and suitable for those who is not ready to sleep in tents. All nights in a comfortable hotel with thermal water swimming pool, one-day trips to the most interesting places on Kamchatka. You will see an active crater of Mutnovsky volcano, beautifull mountain cirque of Vachkajec volcano, take part in rafting along Bystraya river and a sea cruise along the ocean coast of Kamchatka, have a look at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city, there is also a chance to take optional helicopter excursion to the Valley of the Geysers.

Duration: 8 days

Price: 1600 $

Dates for summer 2017:

22th of August - 29th of August 2017

Difficulty: easy (trekking - 3 days, 5-10 kilometers per day, 7 nights in hotel, 0 nights in tents, vehicle transportation - about 400 kilometers)

Kamchatka from the North to the South

The program for experienced travelers with good physical conditions and personal equipment, it includes 6-days treking around Tolbachik volcano with backpacks and living in tents in absolute wilderness.

Kluchevskoy nature park is famouse for the highest active volcano Kluchevskoy and the region of Tolbachik volcano eruptions took place in 1975 and 2012-2013. We also attend active Gorely and Mutnovsky volcanoes.

Duration: 10 days

Price: 1450 $

Dates for summer 2017:

- available for groups

Difficulty: strong (trekking with backpack - 6 days, 12-18 kilometers per day, 3 nights in hotel, 10 nights in tents, vehicle transportation - about 1200 kilometers)

Bears and volcanoes (Kuril lake)

Kurilskoye Lake is famouse as a place of numerous salmons spawning and hundreds of bears fishing here. Ringed by mountains the lake is sittuated in an ancient volcano crater - a really wonderfull place. It belongs to Kronotsky natural reserve, the camp sites are organised and protected by experienced rangers. Tourists can safely observe bears in their natural habitat. Viewing multiple bears is guaranted!

We stay at Kuril lake for 3 nights, then fly by helicopter to Ksudach crater lake, Khodutka thermal springs, go inside the crater of active Mutnovsky volcano, climb Gorely volcano, take a one day sea cruise to Russkaya bay and view sea animals, nice oceanic bays and scenaries.

Also swimming in natural thermal water in Paratunka hotel, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky excursion and an optional day for helicopter trip to the Valley of the Geysers.

Duration: 10 days

Price: 3200 $

Dates for summer 2017:

avalable for groups

Difficulty: medium (4 nights in a hotel, 5 nights in tents, 5-10 kilometers walking)