summer active tours


Information for tourists

1. Russian Visa and registration

All foreign visitors are required to obtain a visa from a Russian consulate before entering Russia. A Russian visa is a document that is placed in your passport, allowing you to enter and stay in Russia for a specified time period and for a specific purpose, such as tourism or business. In general, tourists can apply for a stay of up to 30 days.

To apply for a Russian tourist visa, you need an official letter of invitation, also known as a visa support letter. "Kamchatka Travel Club" will provide it.

The Russian government requires all foreign visitors are being registered after arrival. We also provide it.

2. How to get to Kamchatka

There are several direct flights to Kamchatka. First, the direct flight from Moscow, operated by "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines". Second, the flight from Vladivostok, also operated by Aeroflot. You can take a flight to Vladivostok from Hong Kong, Seoul and some other Asia destinations.

3. What should I take with me?

To take part in summer tours including trekking to nature parks and volcano ascents you'll need the following clothes and equipment:

- trekking boots
- second pair of shoes
- thermal underwear
- waterproof trousers
- gore-tex jacket or another waterproof jacket (preferably with hood)
- raincoat
- polartec jacket
- cap
- sunlight glasses
- warm sockes
- swimming suit

- sleeping bag with "comfort" temperature -5 degrees Celsius or lower
- travelbag
- individual dishes (mug, plate, spoon)
- sunlight protecting cream
- sleeping mat
- flashlight
- trekking poles (not nessesary)
- repellent
- mosquito net
- individual medicines

If you are going to visit Kamchatka in September you need a warmer sleeping bag - "comfort" temerature -5 degrees Celsius or lower, and you also need much warm clothes - at least one more polartec jacket.