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Отзыв Марка Сурдутовича о поездке на Камчатку в июле 2011

Mark Surdutovich's review on his trip to Kamchatka in July 2011

If you are thinking of seeing the amazing (an amazingly untouched and uncrowded) wilderness of Kamchtka as well as gaining a new understanding of Russian culture getting to know your Russian teammates during your adventure, Sasha Pavlov is your man.

Sasha speaks great English and, more importantly, a guide with deep love and knowledge of Kamchatka.

I went to Kilimanjaro 3 months after going with Sasha to Tolbachiki on Kamchatka. I have to say my Kamchatka experience was more memorable and interesting then Kili. As a matter of fact, I am somewhat hesitant to recommend Kamchatka and Sasha: I don't want them to be swarmed by tourists by the time I come back!

Before going to the trip make sure to talk to Sasha about the physical shape you should be in, what clothes and boots to bring and so on.

Mark Surdutovich, consultant, Sao Paulo




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